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Wax On Wax Off

NEW! Workshop at DireWolf Artist Collective

July 19th 6pm-8pm - $50 per person                                             Play with colour mixing and texture build up to create your own mini wax paintings. Learn basic encaustic techniques while enjoying the freedom of this abstracted expression.

Book via email: info@direwolfcollective.com

Waxing and Waning


By the light of the moon try your hand at both wood burning and encaustic painting. Students will begin by burning their own style of moon into the wood base. The second phase, students will layer encaustic medium, carve, inlay, and texturize to create a beautiful Moon Painting.

This is a three hour encaustic class with all supplies included.

Cost $80.00 Per Person

Mix it Up!


Use images, textiles, and objects to build a beautiful mixed media piece. Students will learn how to layer different materials into their artwork. Bring your inspiration with you and turn it into a masterpiece.This is a two hour class with the booking option of acrylic or encaustic medium.              

Acrylic Cost $40.00 Per Person    

Encaustic Cost $60.00 Per Person    

Extra Hour +$15.00 Per Person

Booking Details

All workshops can be adjusted to suit your groups needs. Encaustic classes have a maximum of 8 students and require a well-ventilated and multiple outlets for equipment to be used efficiently. If you are uncertain which program will be best for your event, contact Kylie with your thoughts and she will provide you with the best option! All workshops are subject to availability.


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