My own reflection

My own reflection


It all started when…

... in her second year of university, she was assigned an installation assignment. The concept of our memories, the frozen moments we hold in our minds eye, has always intrigued her. In her attempt to freeze time, she encased multiple objects in blocks of wax. And her addiction began.

Kylie T Millar was born in British Columbia and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at UBC Okanagan. She explored as many mediums as she could but the very moment she saw the malleable and concrete qualities of encaustic wax; her creative process became clear.

Millar currently lives in Pemberton B.C. but has travelled all over the world. She still finds her home province to be the most beautiful place she has ever explored. She has always gravitates back to the blues of the pacific ocean and the greens of the moss and trees in the mountains. Encaustic Wax is a melt-able, mixable, and malleable medium that easily captures the textures you find in this magical part of the world.

Millar's second passion is teaching. She encourages her students to banish the all too common saying, "I can't even draw a stick man!". Everyone has an inner artist and only needs to be given the opportunity to play! She has upcoming workshops in Whistler and Kelowna B.C. this summer.

Currently, Millar is working on a new series of abstract and mixed media paintings dealing with our memories and the extremely concrete relationships with the people in them.