Kylie T Millar
Kylie T Millar
Encaustic Artist - Pemberton B.C.


It all started when…

... her sculpture professor asked her to create a moment in time. In her attempt to freeze time, she encased multiple objects in blocks of wax. And her addiction began.

 Kylie T Millar studied at UBC Okanagan and explored as many mediums as she could. Since that moment the malleable and concrete qualities of wax captured her imagination and has yet to lose it's allure.

Kylie was born on the coast of British Columbia and since found her home in Pemberton B.C. As an encaustic artist, she has always gravitated back to the blues and greens that engulf this magical part of the world. Enticed by the universes many chemical reactions, she turned to a medium that includes them all. Encaustic Wax is a melt-able, mixable, and malleable medium that has been used for centuries and has recently found new life in the art world.

Millar's second passion is teaching. She encourages her students to banish the all too common saying, "I can't even draw a stick man!". Everyone has an inner artist and only needs to be given the opportunity to play! 



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